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In addition to Monthly or Annual Memberships, members are responsible for:

  • $350 security deposit
  • $125 membership application, which covers setup, documentation, equipment and facility training, and new client inspection meeting
  • 10 hr month minimum for Food Entrepreneur Memberships
  • Any transaction fees from The Food Corridor, which allows Members to book, schedule, add-on, or pay for their membership activities easily online
  • Any smallwares or other assets needed to run the members’ enterprise
  • LLC or Sole Proprietor/Sales Tax ID/DBA confirming business
  • Certificate of Insurance showing a minimum $1,000,000 commercial general liability insurance with CHISOS STAR LLC listed as additional insured and members must maintain such policy for the entire of the membership
  • Compliance with City Diversion Plan, City Permit(s), Food Manager/Handler Certificate for the business.

Optional, additional features and rates may apply for:

  • Electricity charges for Members with specialized equipment
  • Floor space charges for Cook’s Nook Members with additional floor, equipment, or storage needs
  • Overage fees beyond membership hours
  • Additional Dry, Cooler, or Freezer storage
  • Members Tasting Kitchen use reservations
  • Members Lawn use reservations
  • Overnight walk-in or production storage
  • Extra stations in production
  • Non-cleaning fees
  • False Alarm fees
We do allow select enterprises to become a Select Partner of The Cook’s Nook and have occasional access to our Members Demonstration Kitchen or Production Kitchen for:
  • Single event “one-offs” planning and preparation
  • Media shoots or recordings

Membership charges do apply for these special events. Please contact us directly for information.

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