We’re in the midst of Innovation Week in Austin, TX, coming together to help celebrate entrepreneurship! With a host of interactive workshops, engaging panels and thought-provoking discussions designed to help you build your business, there’s much to see and do until Friday evening, September 22nd. Dwight Flinkerbusch of The Cook’s Nook will be hosting a presentation on Wednesday, September 20th from 4PM – 5PM entitled “Commercializing your Food Product or Service”. He’ll be asking pertinent questions for you to ponder when bringing your food product and service to the market. From the value of your product/service to sustainability and how to reach your buyer, join Flinkerbusch as he guides you though his presentation at PeopleFund Austin, located 2921 East 17th Street. You can also take a look at what other workshops and panels are offered throughout the rest of the week here.



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