For kids at one Austin apartment complex, Cultura Cuisine Meals were ‘a major blessing’

Young people at The Heights apartment complex enjoyed more than 150 meals last summer thanks to a partnership between The Cook’s Nook, a medically tailored meal company in East Austin, and El Buen Samaritano, a nonprofit that helps people with social determinants of health, including jobs, education and food access.

Food is love on this Dallas ‘superblock’

Providing high-quality meals for members of a historically Black and Latino neighborhood in Dallas was surprisingly difficult for the organization, For Oak Cliff. Director Julianna Bradley said that many of the low-cost or free meals that were offered by local food charities were of such low quality that the young people whom her organization serves weren’t interested in eating it. When she started buying meals from The Cook’s Nook, young people in the neighborhood started requesting the meals and sharing them with their parents, helping fill a critical gap in food access in families where the adults are working second jobs or taking night classes.

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Saffron Trust and the government of Travis County take on food insecurity, one nutritious meal at a time

Saffron Women’s Trust Foundation works to break the cycle of generational poverty by helping women find the stability they need to survive. In the past few years, that has included ready-to-eat meals from The Cook’s Nook, paid for by a grant from Travis County, that has led to the distribution of hundreds of thousands of meals in the Austin area.