Upcoming Events at the Cook’s Nook

January 27-28, 2021: Conference on Food Resilience, Access and Equity

The Conference on Food Resilience, Access and Equity, presented by The Cook’s Nook, provides a forum to facilitate much needed dialogue and cooperation between local private and public organizations to share experience, know-how and best practices that address food insecurity for people most at risk during emergencies and disasters in local communities.

Joi on the Go! Look for Joi around town and on the web discussing:

  • Small Business and Entrepreneurship
  • Small Business Growth
  • Food Ecosystems and Policy

Previous Events at the Cook’s Nook

Food Talk – Lessons Learned: Distributing Your Product

May 15th

Hear first-hand the experience of Arpit and Elora, Founders of Bhoomi super-botanical cane elixirs. Hear how they took the leap and learn from their experience: looking out for charges, approaching large and small retailers, and more.

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