The Cook’s Nook is a prepared food and distribution business that provides high-quality, nutritious, and culturally competent meals to our customers and their clients, allowing the end consumer dignity and better choice for their food and nutrition.

Our meals are prepared in our FDA-registered and inspected facility and have been designed by our culinary team and reviewed by registered dietitians to be delicious and nutritious—in the presentation, the aroma, and in taste.

All our meals are made only hours before going out, using a broad spectrum of fresh, whole foods to prepare our Classic, Vegetarian, Diabetes-Friendly, and Renal-Friendly meals. Our team seasons, cuts, mixes, cooks, and plates each meal, and we use no preservatives—simply great food, with great planning, and careful cooking…yielding great taste!

The Cook’s Nook is committed to providing the best tasting, high-quality meals, whether simply healthy or tailored to meet medical needs. We work with our customers to design programs that improve access to quality nutrition and lead to better health outcomes for their constituent communities. As the focal component to a nutrition-based program, our meals support better nutrition, acknowledge the role of food in mitigating health risks, and allow for culturally aware and contextualized food that is accessible, encourages compliance, thereby resulting in improved health outcomes.


The Cook’s Nook uses its own delivery vehicles and a network of shipping and logistics partners to get meals to their final destinations.

Any packages directly from us to customers’ end clients are shipped via UPS™, FedEx, or USPS with ‘Shipper Release’ (allows USPS carriers to leave packages at the door without requiring a signature). Once the package leaves our facility, The Cook’s Nook is no longer responsible for the package nor its contents. If a customer or a customer’s client chooses the ‘Shipper Required’ option, The Cook’s Nook is not responsible for the food’s freshness if the client is not home at the time of delivery.

The Cook’s Nook products are perishable and should be refrigerated or frozen immediately upon delivery. Occasionally, due to circumstances beyond The Cook’s Nook control, these carriers may not deliver packages on time and/or packages may get damaged during transit. We make all efforts to securely package our meals for food safety. The Cook’s Nook can only guarantee that packages will be shipped out on time and in excellent condition. However, we cannot be responsible nor held liable for any delivery service failures on the part of these carriers including but not limited to, delivery failures due to weather issues. Customers may file a $100 claim with UPS™ or FedEx for a missed delivery as part of their standard package insurance.

Any claims for a lost, stolen, missing, and/or damaged shipment are made against these carriers and is not the responsibility of The Cook’s Nook, its officers, members, or employees.


Sometimes select ingredients may not be available due to seasonal variation or supply chain challenges. Please know that The Cook’s Nook endeavors to provide the highest quality products, which sometimes requires our culinary team to substitute items in an order or make changes to our meal calendars due to the availability constraints.


Individuals with allergies or other special medical conditions are urged to take extra precautions and not consume any products that may cause an adverse reaction. The Cook’s Nook provides labeling with an ingredients list and nutrition facts. The Cook’s Nook cannot be held liable for any damage related to allergies or other medical conditions.


Contact us at customercare@cooksnook.net for inquiries.