Austin’s Collaborative Hub for Culinary Business

The Cook’s Nook is a community of culinary professionals working to serve multiple purposes.

We are:

  • An innovative incubator for entrepreneurs, start-ups, and small businesses;
  • A consulting partner for corporations, mid-size companies, and other visiting groups;
  • A food-service provider for government organizations, school districts, agencies, and nonprofits;
  • A programming host and event sponsor for food professionals as well as the public; and
  • A community leader seeking to improve Central Texas food policy, justice, and access.

At The Cook’s Nook, our mission is to cultivate culinary businesses, events, and policies that are profitable, sustainable, equitable, and engaged.

The Cook’s Nook was born from one woman’s use of her profession – high-tech strategic product management and go-to-market marketing expertise – in pursuit of her passion: culinary arts. Learn more about our indefatigable founder, Joi Chevalier.

The Cook’s Nook founder, Joi Chevalier

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