Tuesday, December 13th marked The Cook’s Nook’s founding members’ visit to Sysco who graciously hosted us to learn more about their food catalogs. Founded in 1969, Sysco continues to offer a full line of over 15,000 items and continually sources the best products available on the market. Included in their offerings to our members were some specialty organic and hard to find international foods, timelines, processes for group ordering, a tour of their facilities and kitchens, and a deeper understanding of their additional business, recipe and costing services.


Our member Jen Rodriguez of 3 Small Plates compared it to being in a shoe store, when she recalled reading a sign of a store in Germany that boasted carrying 200 various types of shoes — when she did finally decide to check out the interior, she couldn’t believe her eyes when she actually did see 200 types of footwear in the store, if not more! Sysco proved to carry every kind of protein, produce, and vegetable imaginable, on top of a variety of tools, supplies, and equipment. Creative juices started flowing after touring the massive refrigerator on site. Sysco staff members’ Holley and Jeanine didn’t hesitate to answer any questions and were enormously helpful to everyone throughout the process. Members are now working to consolidate their menus and are eagerly anticipating ordering via Sysco for The Cook’s Nook.


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