As the COVID-19 emergency evolves, we can’t help but to be aware of the impact the pandemic is having on our food system. While the work being done locally is outstanding, we are seeing a rapidly growing need to feed more and more of the Central Texas population that have limited access to food.

Local organizations and existing food banks focus on non-perishable items, and it still remains hard for families to receive fresh fruits and vegetables. At the same time, fresh fruits and vegetables are perishing at local food distributors.

Keep Austin Together is a program spearheaded by The Cook’s Nook to prepare healthy and nutritious meals for individuals who don’t have access to healthy food during the pandemic. The program will not only help safely feed the city’s expanding at-risk population, but also keep economic momentum through a decimated food sector, and avoid large, local and distributed food waste.

When interviewed for the Austin Monitor, Commissioner Jeff Travillion was open to the idea of turning this program into a long term solution extending past the COVID-19 crisis. Keep Austin Together restores jobs and food sector momentum by producing meals through a network of shared commissaries and restaurants, and providing logistics through participating agency pickup or limited home delivery by local companies. These resources will support this emergency infrastructure and leverage corporate + public + small business partnerships to help existing non-profits feed growing segments of our community.

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