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Shared Kitchen Rental for Austin Caterers

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Get out of the church or Elks kitchen and steadily grow your business by becoming a Production Member of The Cook’s Nook.

cooks-nook-austin-catering-kitchen-storage-prep-caterersBy becoming a Production Member, you have access to the shared kitchen, with your own prep area, temporary day refrigeration, and multiple ovens and burners to get your production done faster and with quality. The kitchen is clean, and at The Cook’s Nook you are compliant with the City of Austin.

Additionally, as a Production member, you can take advantage of networking with others who are at the same stage as you, have access to culinary and business professionals for help and guidance as you plan and grow.

Impress your potential clients in the bright, professional environment of The Cook’s Nook and host our client tasting in the client meeting room on site – reducing time from presentation to client contract. For large events, your team can receive pallet delivery at The Cook’s Nook, and go into production immediately.

At The Cook’s Nook, it’s not just about the production kitchen rental, it’s also about helping you grow your business.

You’ll need to meet with The Cook’s Nook team during regular business hours, and complete:

As you grow, you can remain at The Cook’s Nook, and expand your Membership hours and participation as you expand your business.

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