The Cook’s Nook’s Local Emergency Food Fund was established in 2022 to provide meals to Austin and Travis County residents and families in emergency circumstances.

Since 2020, we have been producing and distributing nutritious, delicious meals through partner organizations to ensure those most in need are able to access quality nutrition with dignity. A recipient of our Cultura Cuisine Meals was so moved by our work that she reached out to us to find a way to donate and pay it forward. Her generosity inspired us to establish this fund to provide a channel by which individuals and organizations within the community can help provide an element of critical support at times of need to fellow neighbors.

Here’s how it works: any money you donate will be held in reserve until we receive an emergency request, at which point your donation will be used to produce and distribute our meals to the community members in need. As a trusted partner of many community organizations, these requests may come to us from our partners or directly from the people they serve.

With your donation, you’re paying it forward—ensuring that your community will have access to delicious, healthy, and culturally-competent meals when they need them most. Each meal costs about $5.50, so $55 will secure 10 meals, $110 will secure 20 meals, and so on.

If you’d like to contribute, please fill out the form below, and we’ll reach out to you via email to complete the transaction. To ensure that all of your donation directly supports residents in need, we’ll invoice you directly—with an online payment option—to avoid any third-party fees.

On behalf of our neighbors – thank you!

*Your donation to the Emergency Food Fund is not tax-deductible, as you are directly purchasing our meals.