Amy Bell, Advisor

Amy Bell has spent the better part of her career demonstrating how business and capital markets can be designed to better the communities in which they operate while growing profitably and sustainably. She brings that experience and passion to The Cook’s Nook as CFO, where leads strategy and finance, drives performance and efficiency, and builds team and culture. Amy’s work at the intersect of business and societal good started at JPMorgan Chase, where she grew the firm’s emerging impact investing business into a market leader, while managing a $100 million portfolio of investments in early-stage businesses benefiting low-income and underserved populations across the world. From there, her passion for food and agriculture drove her to advise sustainable agriculture businesses in Latin America and then most recently, to investing in the high-growth entrepreneurs that make up the supply chain at Whole Foods Market. It is the potential to scale equitable access to nutritious and delicious meals that led her to join The Cook’s Nook team in this endeavor.

Outside of her work, Amy sits on the Boards of the Sustainable Food Center and WaterEquity (an affiliate of and remains an active thought leader and advisor in impact investing nationwide. She is a proud graduate of the University of Texas at Austin and always has something cooking in her own kitchen.