Brent Brightwell – VP of Commercial Sales

Brent is a senior and seasoned leader with 20+ years’ experience and has been a fractional CMO the past decade.  He has worked with companies to enable their corporate marketing, product management, product marketing, R&D, engineering, sales, business development, alliances, investor relations, fundraising and strategy. He’s comfortable, confident, and credible in front of global customers, boards, senior executives, and partners. He wears many hats with a strong background in the creation and ownership of strategy, tactical planning and sales execution for large enterprises, mid-market, SMBs, and startups for many vertical industries. 25 years marketing and product leadership; consulting and advisory to 30+startups; 6 public companies; 7 exits; $100m+ fundraising; 13 acquisitions; senior leadership roles at Hewlett-Packard, BMC, and EMC.