One of the most important aspects of being able to help local communities is through programs like The Supplemental Emergency Food Access Network (SEFAN).  SEFAN matters because it helps the residents of Travis County see real, tangible results through our Cultura Cuisine for Population Health solution that targets specific community health and food access through prepared meals. 

“The SEFAN program has been an essential and extremely successful tool for Travis County. Not only does it meet people’s immediate need for prepared food, but it connects them with staff who help them with other essential needs like housing or transportation or health care. This program provides them with delicious, healthy food and the tools to transform their lives.” 


These initiatives that invest in population health bridge the gap for those experiencing food insecurity. SEFAN allows us to provide quality nutrition around Travis County, with special focus in our Eastern Crescent, so we’re thrilled to share that our partnership with SEFAN has been renewed.   

Check out the numbers: the final number of meals delivered over the last contract we wrapped up (18 months) was 309,870 to 8,253 different people in need of healthy food. We worked with 30 various community-based organizations over 51 distribution sites. As we’re working to end food insecurity throughout Travis County, these victories matter because the results speak for themselves.  

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