We had a great time baking Anzacs for @AustinBakes (www.austinbakes.com), who raised money for @AmeriCares in support of relief efforts in Nepal. Mr Cook’s Nook (yes, there is one) made dozens of a very traditional Australian cookie, the Anzac, named for the Australia and New Zealand Army Corps (ANZAC), who fought during two world wars, and particularly at Gallipoli. The cookie is a melt-in-your-mouth rolled oat cookie with Lyle’s Golden Syrup (a British staple), but was durable enough to last in tins through long distance mail to reach soldiers serving in faraway (from Australia) lands. It’s such a great cookie, we’re happy to share the basic recipe for it.

We delivered 7 dozen Anzacs to the @StilesSwitch location, where we all raised nearly $1075. Across the city, AustinBakes raised nearly $7000. Hope everyone enjoyed them, and thanks to Mr Cook’s Nook, the fabulous bakers in #AustinBakes, and thank you for supporting @AmeriCares and the residents of Nepal.

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