In August 2019, the Cook’s Nook was nominated for a Mosaic Award. The Mosaic Awards celebrate diversity in the Austin area. The Cook’s Nook was in good company in the accelerator category, joining Capital Factory, Founder Institute, Mass Challenge, Techstars, and the winner, DivInc.

In 2019, diversity is not just a feel-good notion, it is a business imperative. Diversity promotes new points of view and innovative ideas. Additionally, the promotion of a diverse group of small business owners brings fresh perspectives to our community and Austin’s business landscape.

“Diversity or inclusion is not something to be mindfully done. It’s the inherent realization, expectation, and normality that reflects in all aspects of human existence, including our businesses,” said Joi Chevalier, founder of the Cook’s Nook. “As in nature, diversity breeds strength. Homogeneity tends to fail. So we strive to our inherent strength, which has the native benefit of expanding opportunity, and then leads to sustainable equity. That’s how communities and companies grow.”

Food has always been a way to bring people together to celebrate our similarities instead of highlighting our differences. By promoting food establishments from diverse backgrounds and ethnicities, we get to explore fresh perspectives.

The featured speaker of the 2019 Mosaic Awards was Arlan Hamilton, the founder of Backstage Capital. Her venture capital company focuses on startups headed by underrepresented populations. During her fireside chat, she encouraged the audience to “Be Somebody’s first ‘yes'”. That’s where The Cook’s Nook comes in, supporting companies that are making their way in the market.

It is an honor to be among the organizations promoting diversity in Austin.

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