Working with a historic organization is always an honor, but when a company is given the chance to collaborate with one that’s been around for over 125 years, that’s an incredible, once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.  

Recently, The Cook’s Nook was one of six companies nationwide chosen by the Volunteers of America (VoA) Future Fund Health Equity Incubator. To even be considered as a part of this program was a massive win for the company and what our future holds – an enormous chance to show off what we believe in, but also how we help healthcare providers and communities through our Cultura Cuisine programs.  

Launched in 2018 as a subsidiary of Volunteers of America Inc., the Futures Fund is a social impact investment fund supporting the development and expansion of high-impact health, housing, and social service programs within Volunteers of America working as joint-venture partnerships with external community health entrepreneurs.   

A Special Opportunity for Community   

The Cook’s Nook is now working with the VoA – one of the most prominent community-run organizations. Their programs truly impact communities of those most in need like veterans, the formerly incarcerated, recovery, moms, and kids.

One of their programs that we hope to work with is Freedom House, which helps moms recover from addiction. Food is a critical part of that recovery process and we look forward to incorporating our Cultura Cuisine Maternal, Renal, Diabetes, or Community Health solutions into their unique programs. Because this is one of the most prominent community-run organizations, our messages align: food is medicine.  

Health outcomes matter for our communities. Freedom House is the perfect partner as we grow: they’ve been around for so long that their wisdom and connections help us channel our solutions, as they’ve helped Americans for generations.  

One of the most important aspects of working with this program is that the money is equitable; it’s going to the right places. The Cook’s Nook will work as their nutrition services partner to directly support VoA affiliates in achieving their health equity goals and improved health outcomes within their communities, especially for those with health conditions.

Food is Medicine Defined Through Hope 

For us, this win celebrates that what we champion can be an innovative solution that can be adopted nationwide; the panel programming, the think tanks, and the conversations we were a part of felt like Shark Tank, but for the non-profit world. We received extensive product marketing, market fit, Market analysis, and pitch training during the 12-week incubator program. The Cook’s Nook also received a $25k grant in support of the company’s goals.   

At the end of the program, the Future Fund team hosted a public Demo Day and an Investor Day for internal and external buyers. Seeing this partnership’s impact in real-time was an exciting experience because we believe in the power of a verdant, thriving community.  

Partnerships like these propel Cook’s Nook’s messaging, platform, and mission. We’re excited about working with VoA and their Freedom Houses (and other programs) to help support the communities that need our help. We believe that food is medicine and that we’ll help those affected one meal at a time. 

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