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The Cook’s Nook is a culinary incubator providing shared production space and business development for Austin-area artisans, caterers, and cooks at early-stages of their culinary business so that they can be successful.


 Joi Chevalier, The Cook’s Nook founder

For 17 years, Joi Chevalier worked as an e-commerce product manager and marketing director for Internet venture startups and Fortune 50 companies, with a specific focus on creating personalized experiences for online customers based on their history, behavior, and industry trends. She specialized in developing innovative Internet products, applications and customer experiences; establishing new markets; launching new products into global markets, marketing through real-time use of data analytics and user-behavioral activity, with the goal of providing the best customer experiences online.

An honors graduate of the Culinary Arts Program at the Auguste Escoffier School of Culinary Arts, Joi combines the best of her technology background with her love of culinary arts in a space for cooks at the beginning stages of their business – The Cook’s Nook.

Joi has catered events around Austin, including the kitchens of large events like ACL and the Austin Food and Wine Festival. When she’s not at The Cook’s Nook, she’s tending roses, looking through her telescope, doing high performance driver’s education events, or traveling with her husband and her niece.

183652fDwight Flinkerbusch, Entrepreneur Coach

Dwight Flinkerbusch is a product marketing executive who has launched global entrepreneurship programs with IC2, and guided various software and services to markets across the globe. With an appreciation for organizational and cultural differences, Dwight uses his marketing and business experience to align resources – people, technology, partners and budgets – around a common vision to inspire innovation and energize great accomplishments. He has lived, cooked, and eaten all over the globe, is an avid cook and a self-proclaimed foodie. Dwight‘s enthusiasm for the food industry along with his background in commercialization will provide Cook’s Nook members with guidance to help solve business problems and bring products and services to market.

Board of Advisors

The Cook’s Nook is lucky to have a great team and supportive advisors that are leaders in their fields and have brought great products to market through innovative and entrepreneurial thinking.


Founder & CEO
cooksnookDiane Bunton

Global Marketing Operations Director
Dell, Inc.
HeadShotJim Dutton



Vice-President of Marketing
World First North America

12717903_1123842160973186_8219059073439167380_nGregory Dishman

Corporate Executive Chef & Partner
PastedGraphic-1   Mark Paul

Wink Restaurant & Wine Bar
Executive Chef & Owner
screen-shot-2016-11-01-at-7-23-54-pmCurt Nelson

Advisor, Austin Foodshed
Investors’ Cofounder/Partner

Upcoming Events

Coming Soon!

Startup Disaster Stories and What We Can Learn

Monday, March 2, 2020, 6:30 PM – 8:30 PM CDT

Join Marc Nathan, VP of Client Strategy at Egan Nelson LLP, Joi Chevalier, CEO of The Cook’s Nook, Andrew Eisenberg, Partner at Lee & Hayes, P.C., and April Riggs, Digital Brand Manager at Still Austin Whiskey Co. as the panel shares startup disasters and lessons learned. Click here to register.

The Cook’s Nook at SXSW: The Future of Food

Saturday, March 14, 2020 – 11 AM to 4 PM
WeWork Food Labs in the SXSW Building at 1400 Lavaca St.

Join a diverse group of experts, influencers, leaders and visionaries for a taste of how technology, innovation and social issues are revolutionizing the future of food. Free to public (limited tickets available), SXSW badge holders will be given priority access. Click here to register.

Cook’s Nook at SXSW: The Data-Driven Food System: From Soil to Supper

Saturday, March 14, 2020, 3:30 PM – 4:30 PM
JW Marriott, Salon FG

Google has convened the Refresh Working Group—40 farmers, nutritionists, retailers, researchers, and consumers—to collectively examine how AI is helping to improve the U.S. food system. Click here to register.

Cook’s Nook at SXSW: Empowering Minority Founders in a Food Revolution

Sunday, March 15, 2020, 3:30 PM – 4:30 PM
Fairmont Hotel, Congressional B

Join Joi Chevalier, Roman Gonzalez, Tam Hawkins, and Edwin Marty to discuss how under-represented business founders in the natural CPG, mobile food vendor, food entrepreneur, and food growing space find resources and communities. Click here to register.

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