Chef Jennifer ‘JRodi’ Rodriguez is the entrepreneur-owner and executive chef of 3 Small Plates Catering in Austin, Texas.

Join us for 8 by 3 Small Plates Catering, Dec 14th

Join us for 8 by 3 Small Plates, Dec 14th

2 years in business and working with the Greater Austin Area Black Chamber of Commerce’s Taste of Black Austin, Six Square Cultural District, and other celebrated Austin food and cultural events, 3 Small Plates Catering has been named the first Entrepreneur-in-Residence at The Cook’s Nook. To celebrate this achievement, 3 Small Plates Catering, along with The Cook’s Nook, is hosting 3 Small Plates’ first holiday event called 8 by 3 Small Plates on December 14th.

8 by 3 Small Plates is a holiday preview of the amazing global food and experiences that defines the 3 Small Plates experience. JRodi and her team will be taking us on a tour around the world through a global food menu that reflects her years of living and traveling abroad. Experience going to Europe, the Caribbean or even Asia – all without a passport.

Chef JRodi is a military wife and professional journalist with an extensive history of living and traveling abroad. 3 Small Plates Catering gives a tapas-style experience to serving food – many small bites allowing diners to have a little bit of everything, but still feel satisfied at the end of the night.

The number 8 is significant on the night –  “I believe that when you go out to eat, you should be able to eat different plates with similar ingredients, but they are presented in different way with a different flavor base.”  During 8 by 3 Small Plates, guests will experience food from eight different countries – including the US, France, Germany, Philippines – that reflect not only the 3 Small Plates menu but also highlight the countries’ holiday season.

The event is also special as Chef JRodi has become the first Entrepreneur-in-Residence at The Cook’s

Chef Jennifer 'JRodi' Rodriguez of 3 Small Plates Catering

Chef JRodi, executive chef of 3 Small Plates Catering

Nook. For the next 3 months, Chef JRodi will be featured in The Cook’s Nook’s online and social media; she’ll have a keynote event at The Cook’s Nook; and she’ll speak on the challenges of entrepreneurship with some of The Cook’s Nook’s non-profit partners, like Urban Roots.  By providing a clear voice in African-American culinary, global food, and foodways history, Chef JRodi has seen her company grow from ‘custom catering’ to being a food leader in Austin and Central Texas. Chef JRodi says that her clients ‘…feel like they have gone someplace’ not only by the variety of food but also through the event experience itself. Although she has had her business climb up the latter of success, she is still hungry for more growth in 3 Small Plates. JRodi said the success takes time but The Cook’s Nook has taught her the importance of  kitchen operation efficiencies, business planning and forecasting, and sales management, and the social capital she’s gained while being a member reminds her that she isn’t alone in her entrepreneurship journey.

If you are interested in going out of the country for a night, get your ticket today and come experience the world through 8 by 3 Small Plates.

8 by 3 Small Plates is December 14th from 630-830pm at The Cook’s Nook, 502 Thompson Lane. Seats are limited. Parking is limited. Tickets are $40.00 each in advance only.

This residency at The Cook’s Nook is made possible by a grant from the Austin Food and Wine Alliance.

Through this event, a small donation will be made to Urban Roots, a non-profit agency, that cultivates leadership skills through food and farming to transform the lives of young people and inspire, engage, and nourish the community.

If you would like to become a member of The Cook’s Nook and grow your business like Chef Jennifer Rodriguez, contact us at The Cook’s Nook.

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