The Cook’s Nook is a shared culinary incubator for food truck owners, caterers, and artisans in the beginning to mid-stages of their business. Think of it as co-working for culinary professionals.
In addition to the production hours and space, The Cook’s Nook team looks to help you grow your business through access to other chefs to consult on product, recipe, or costing; business development consulting in accounting, marketing, and other key business skills; and member-peer meetings to discuss and solve problems that are common in early stage growth.
The Cook’s Nook is a shared space, and kitchen long-term rents or leases are not available. The Cook’s Nook encourages the development and eventual successful growth of your business in line with your business plans and goals – especially if that means you eventually get your own kitchen!
The Cook’s Nook provides core kitchen equipment, but you will need to bring specialized equipment for your food and small appliances, and take those items with you upon departure.
Long-term storage is limited, so only Production Members and Annual Members (70+ week) are eligible for short-term dry storage or refrigeration, service storage, or longer-term cooler storage.
Members are assigned a to station that contains a speed rack, metro shelving, prep table and access to same-day refrigeration. Day refrigeration should be cleaned upon departure.
Yes, during normal business hours (8-5pm) to the receiving door by you or your present representative. All product must be used in same day production, or put into assigned storage space for members with storage privileges. The Cook’s Nook staff will not sign for or take custody of any food product deliveries.
Yes, but at their team’s assigned station at designated time. Hot line, dish, and common areas are shared.
All production time is scheduled at The Cook’s Nook. Members submit their production schedules a month in advance, and availability is posted online.
Members are required to keep their station and other kitchen areas immaculate at all times! Additionally, The Cook’s Nook will have regularly scheduled ‘deep’ cleaning which will be posted. Our team will clean the open areas, meeting spaces, bathrooms, and property neat. The goal is to keep a place where we all want to cook.

Each member is its own business entity, and fully in compliance with the City of Austin, state, or federal requirements and regulations regarding food safety, handling, taxes, labor, licensing and permitting.

The City has multiple requirements. But in short, you need to have your:

Food Manager’s Certificate

Food Handler’s Certificate

Food Enterprise Permit

Food Enterprise Change of Ownership Application, which lets the city know that you are planning to use The Cook’s Nook.

Additionally, your business must have liability insurance and The Cook’s Nook as a named insured on the policy, with waiver of subrogation. This must be maintained throughout the membership.

If you’re ready to go with those, you can get started with our Member process. You can also mail us at

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