Why Partner with The Cook’s Nook?

The Cook’s Nook is more than just a culinary incubator. We’re a community of food professionals and entrepreneurs working to build food companies that are sustainable, profitable, and aware of the community around us. The Cook’s Nook leverages food creativity, technology business practices, entrepreneurship, and shared space to incubate food businesses.

Regardless of who you are and what stage of your business you are in, becoming a member of the Cook’s Nook will give you access to the following benefits:

  • Run your businesses from The Cook’s Nook, show product, host tastings and engage with potential clients, customers, and vendors
  • Get work done faster and scale rapidly with access to the shared kitchen, your booked station(s), and all of our available shared hot line and floor equipment.

  • Plan and grow by networking with peers who are at the same stage as you, as well as industry experts sharing valuable help and guidance

  • Alleviate worries and avoid hiccups in production by staying compliant with the City of Austin and Travis County

  • Manage development costs by conducting in-house research and development of new products

  • Order effectively, and manage food and unit costs by adding dry or cold storage to your membership

  • Receive feedback, business support services, and consultation focused on your unique business goals as part of your membership

Each entrepreneur has a unique and compelling story. And we can help you build a brand around that story.

Consumer Packaged Goods (CPG) and Beverage entrepreneurs can research and develop new products and SKU; identify opportunities to pivot and diversify brand options; and identify brand messaging for supply chain, buyers, and direct customers, all while creating products in a central location for multi-channel distribution (farmers markets, retail, and e-commerce).
Bakers can test new recipes and menus; identify locations for distribution (farmers markets, retail, and online); and identify brand messaging for supply chain vendors and end users.
Meal Preparation Services entrepreneurs can test new recipes and menus, as well as plan and design delivery and logistics from a convenient location to improve operational costs.
Mobile Vendors, Virtual / eCommerce Restaurants and Mobile Trailers have the opportunity to test new recipes and menus; identify brand messaging for supply chain vendors and end users; stay compliant on local licensing and permits; and identify a strategy to scale for improved delivery, distribution, or retail.
Catering, Event, and Private Chef Services can leverage the Cook’s Nook’s resources to test new recipes and menus and develop brands, as well as centralize event planning, client tasting, and production in a convenient location.

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