The Cook’s Nook proudly introduces Mosaic Meals – fully cooked meals-to-go that are nutritious, affordable, and convenient.

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We believe everyone deserves access to nutritious, delicious meals. Mosaic Meals by The Cook’s Nook help fulfill our mission to help provide fresh, healthy meals for food-insecure communities. Mosaic Meals are specially designed to:

  • Provide healthy meal options that include a broad spectrum of simple foods;
  • Surprise and delight with inclusive, creative, chef-led selections; and
  • Offer nourishing, nurturing meals, prepared by food-service professionals passionate about their work.

Mosaic Meals by The Cook’s Nook serves four key groups of clientele – all of whom support communities and families at disproportionate risk of suffering health issues:

  • Municipality Health & Human Services Executives and Food Managers, who need exceptional meal programs their residents can afford;
  • School-District Operations and Food-Service Directors, who need highly nutritious meal options at lower costs for their communities and families;
  • Nonprofit Directors and Food Leaders, who need to provide access to high- quality food that aligns with their organization’s values; and
  • Convenience Store Retailers who have no grocery-store competition, and are therefore serving residents who depend upon their shops as their main food-shopping resource.

We offer three different delivery options for our meals:

  • Daily distribution – meals come to your locations [school cafeterias, community centers, etc.] for distribution, so that you can continue to focus on your core mission;
  • Self-service – meals come to your facility’s Mosaic Meals cooler where customers can pick them up during the day, reducing staff needs while providing safe, consistent food access; or
  • Convenience stores – meals come directly to your store to give your customers fresh, unique, ready-to-eat meals while keeping your key margins.

Additionally, The Cook’s Nook is happy to provide meal-program management services to further support meal distribution for your organization.

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