Going to the Farmers Market

Farmers markets are about more than just…farmers. They are about community – seeing your neighbors, learning from local farmers, and trying the food and products that make Austin special. Some of Austin's best kept secrets are found in farmers markets. You won’t be surprised to find out that some of our own Cook’s Nook members [...]

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National Small Business Week: The Cook’s Nook Awarded Excellence in Community Business Leadership

Monday, April 30th kicked off National Small Business Week with an array of events spanning over the course of the week. We were honored to receive an award, as nominated by The Greater Austin Black Chamber of Commerce, for Excellence in Community Business Leadership! For those of you in Austin, TX, you can still sign [...]

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Freda’s Kitchen’s Hands-On Cooking Classes

Michell Huber, owner and creator of Freda's Kitchen, brings to life the traditional ways of homemade cooking with friends and family. Huber works with local chefs who boast a wide range of recipes and stories to bring to the table. Freda's hands-on cooking classes take place all year round, allowing groups to get a taste [...]

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Taste of Black Austin Reception

  We're proud to be a visionary sponsor for the Greater Austin Black Chamber of Commerce's inaugural A Taste of Black Austin's reception on Tuesday, January 31st, 2017! Local Black chefs will prepare hors d'oeuvres for one of Austin's most unique opportunities to explore the narrative of economic development through the historical context of food. [...]

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Such A Great Idea, Even Usher’s Mom’s Getting In

Great tidbit from the southeast - looks like an incubator's opening in the Greater ATL area, and it's helmed by recording artist Usher's mom! Usher’s mom, Jonnetta Patton, is opening J’s Kitchen Culinary Incubator, offering aspiring chefs and caterers commercial kitchen space and equipment, food packaging services, and business workshops designed to jumpstart their business.

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Incubators in the News & Updates

We're very excited that we're nearing the end of the build permit process! It's certainly taken longer than expected, but it's rapidly coming to a end. Our Founding Members are busy reading their businesses, and hope you can join us! The New York Times has had a series of articles on entrepreneurship, and in particular, [...]

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