The Cook’s Nook at SXSW: An Afternoon Championing Food Equity and Equality

If there's one overarching thought about SXSW, a lot is going on. Day in and day out, the festival features some of the hottest musical acts emerging today. Still, there are also star-studded movie premiers, along with tech

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The Cook’s Nook + The ReConstruct Challenge = a Big Win for Louisville

In news we're thrilled to share, the Cook's Nook was one of fifteen solutions chosen to improve health equity in the Louisville area thanks to The ReConstruct Challenge.  The $1.5 million innovation challenge awards each winners  a $100,000

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National Small Business Week: The Cook’s Nook Awarded Excellence in Community Business Leadership

Monday, April 30th kicked off National Small Business Week with an array of events spanning over the course of the week. We were honored to receive an award, as nominated by The Greater Austin Black Chamber of Commerce, for

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Incubators in the News & Updates

We're very excited that we're nearing the end of the build permit process! It's certainly taken longer than expected, but it's rapidly coming to a end. Our Founding Members are busy reading their businesses, and hope you can join

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