Jordy’s Plantain Chips: Winner of Craig Nemec Elevator Challenge Awards

Designed to mimic the real world process of raising venture capital, The Texas Venture Labs Investment Competition (TVLIC) offer valuable feedback to University of Texas graduate students about their new business ideas, many of who go on to launch their own business in the future. This year's sixth annual E. Craig Nemec Elevator Challenge awards [...]

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The Cook’s Nook is Now Open!

We can officially announce - The Cook's Nook is open! We’re so happy to have reached this significant milestone and to bring this new, purpose-built facility to food entrepreneurs and share with you what we've been working so diligently to come to fruition. Our building was blessed by Deacon Mike Aronson of St. Helena's Catholic [...]

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Opening Announcement Coming Soon!

So excited to say we're nearing on all our inspections for The Cook's Nook reaching completion and are on our way to a grand opening! After some humps and hurdles with city processes that slowed us down, we had the Small Business Development Office on our side to aid us in the last phase. Starting [...]

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Invitation to Texas Venture Labs Investment Competition

Get ready to revitalize your entrepreneurial spirit in May! Texas Venture Labs Investment Competition (TVLIC) aims to help raise venture capital in a real-world setting, helping University of Texas graduate students gain unique, valuable knowledge and feedback from local entrepreneurs and investors for a chance to win $25,000 in cash and prizes. In the past [...]

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Freda’s Kitchen’s Hands-On Cooking Classes

Michell Huber, owner and creator of Freda's Kitchen, brings to life the traditional ways of homemade cooking with friends and family. Huber works with local chefs who boast a wide range of recipes and stories to bring to the table. Freda's hands-on cooking classes take place all year round, allowing groups to get a taste [...]

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The Latest Snapshots of The Cook’s Nook

We're moving at lightning speed with getting things up and ready at The Cook's Nook! In such little time we've gotten the windows installed, the walk-in cooler nearly intact (the size of it really is enormous!), painting the walls and getting the grease trap filled in. The finish line is on the horizon! [...]

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The Cook’s Nook’s Luncheon with Sysco

Tuesday, December 13th marked The Cook's Nook's founding members' visit to Sysco who graciously hosted us to learn more about their food catalogs. Founded in 1969, Sysco continues to offer a full line of over 15,000 items and continually sources the best products available on the market. Included in their offerings to our members were [...]

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